Hello there!

I’m Rebecca Ahn, your business coach and personal professional guide (cuz that's not confusing) through this creative quest to a more productively artistic you.

Finding the balance between creativity and its inevitable chaos has been my own lifelong quest. I’ve had a passionate love for the arts since my youth (despite my parents’ urgings to pick a more stable career). I’ve always insisted that the arts can be its own profitable path. So it’s become my life’s mission to master the business side of the creative arts and inspire others to do the same, to prove the productive value of the arts and creativity in today’s economy. 

The methods and strategies you’ll find in here were developed through my 10+ years and careers as a business consultant, writer & editor, producer, and tough cookie. I’ve seen the many kinds of struggles that many kinds of creators face on a daily basis, trying to manage everything all at once without compromising their artistic vision. I’ve had a pretty incredible journey so far – one that’s helped me to understand how we as creative freelancers can produce something that offers both artistic integrity AND productive value. 

Armed with this precious insight, I’ve set out to share it with the rest of the creative community, so they too can build productive models that sustain their individual artistic vision.

Yes, I’m talking about you. This is where you come in.

I want to help you build the entrepreneurial skills and best practices you need to create a profitable creative life. But that isn’t about making more money or fitting you into some traditional mold. It’s about building the right model and mindset that fit with your unique vision and character in a way that will enhance, rather than restrict, what you want to create. You don’t have to fear the creative chaos – just give it some structure and guidance, and watch it strengthen your creative output.

So if this sounds like something you want to realize in your creative career, then check out my book or consulting services, read my tips and tricks, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and (if you must) “like” my Facebook page.